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New Ticket Arrival

When a new ticket arrives, you want your team to know and respond as soon as reasonably possible. For great customer experience, most companies have people dedicated to checking the queue, assigning to technicians and ensuring that first contact is made.

Talos makes that task easier, pushing it through to Microsoft Teams. Allow your team to assign directly from Teams. It also “encourages” your team to when they are getting close to breaching SLAs, to ensure you maintain the best possible service.

New Ticket Idle Notification

Whenever a ticket has been idle for too long, commonly if there’s been no initial response to the end user with half your SLA requirement, Talos will @mention the assigned resource in Teams so that it appears in both the channel and that resource’s Teams Activity feed. You’ve just been pinged by Talos to get onto it!

Customer Replies

When a customer responds to your ticket, it often means they’re ready for action to be taken now. They’re actively thinking about the issue at hand. Your technicians need to know straight away, so they can keep that ticket on track to resolution.

Talos immediately notifies the technician assigned to the ticket, via Microsoft Teams, when a customer replies. Not only that, but it also predicts what they’ve responded with! The technician is presented with same common responses and actions that can be performed straight from Teams. And when you’re ready, you can let Talos take the appropriate next steps on its own. Minimal disruption. Less application switching. Better service. 

TRIBU Features


Talos is the name of our Bot that resides within Microsoft Teams. It is your interface between Teams user and Autotask. Our vision for Talos is to be the customer experience bot of the future. To bridge the common pain points of technical engineers on the support help desk and the end user.

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Reactive Interaction

Talos works in two key communication directions – one of them is Reactive Interactions.
Simply put, is Talos reacting to you, or is Talos being proactive and starting an action for you?
Reactive Interactions are started by you as a Teams user starting a Teams private chat with the Talos bot.

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Proactive Interaction

These are often started from a workflow that’s triggered in Autotask. Because of this, you have great flexibility, but it does require some additional setup. 

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The future of Helpdesk

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Make your helpdesk smarter. AI driven customer service and support requests solved with machine learning 

Need an extra 15 minutes to finish the current request before you can jump on that next item?  Let Talos know and it will update the end user and make sure it’s okay. 

Has a ticket been open without a response too long?  Talos will bump that engineer to see if everything is okay… Maybe they just need that 15 minutes too? 

Automating receipt of requests, responses to clients and informing staff in real time with what is happening.  Not from systems set to ‘trigger’ when a rule is broken like most IT operational management systems, but from what a user is actually saying. 

Is that resolution far too long and maybe… A bit nonsensical?  Talos will simplify the wording, confirm it with the engineer who typed the original and then update the ticket/invoice and customer response.