How would you feel if your IT helpdesk ran smoother?



tribu provides real time experience of customer service and IT Support for both end users and staff alike.

Automating receipt of requests, responses to clients, informing staff in real time, fixing level 1 IT issues… is just the beginning.

Welcome to AI and Natural Language Processing

We know that the big problem solving tasks don’t come with those pesky level 1 requests. But that’s most of our workload!

Let’s get rid of it. Automate it, so many tasks are fixable with simple instructions or automated scripts that just need verification with the end user


Word, Excel, Outlook

Printing and Scanning Issues

Setup of new staff

Resetting Passwords

Virus Removal

Slow PC/Mac

File Permissions

Email Signature setup and configuration

Adjusting current staff roles

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How does it work?

A seamless integration between your existing helpdesk software, PSA, Teams communication and tribu Artificial Intelligence allows you to: 

Respond quicker to customers

Keep your technical staff productive

Ensure consistent communication

Why tribu?


Talos is the name of our Bot that resides within Microsoft Teams. It is your interface between Teams user and Autotask. Our vision for Talos is to be the customer experience bot of the future. To bridge the common pain points of technical engineers on the support help desk and the end user.

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Reactive Interaction

Talos works in two key communication directions – one being reactive interactions.
Simply put, is Talos reacting to you, or is Talos being proactive and starting an action for you? Reactive Interactions are started by you as a Teams user starting a Teams private chat with the Talos bot.

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Proactive Interaction

These are often started from a workflow that’s triggered in Autotask. Because of this, you have greater flexibility, but it does require some additional setup. 

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The future of Helpdesk

See what are our plans.We are building the future together, we want your feedback!


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