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You have complete control over how tickets are processed with tribu, so the price scales up and down to suit your business. You’re never locked in! Enter how many tickets you receive on average each month from end-users, and we can estimate the cost for you!

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Frequently asked questions

What are interactions and how many do I use?

Interactions are communications between tribu( Talos through Microsoft Teams) and Autotask. Interactions can be estimated according to the average number of tickets per month you have.

What are proactive and reactive interactions?

Proactive Interactions are those that tribu presents in Talos from Autotask that your team need to know about or action as soon as possible. i.e. Customer replied New Ticket, SLA Overdue. Your team will be kept up to date and in real-time updating tickets.

Reactive Interactions are those your team can use to tell Talos what to do i.e. !newticket, !addattachment, !timeentry . Your team will be pushing these commands directly into Autotask.

Which interactions will be charged?

Only proactive interactions will be charged.

Are there any other fees?

No, your fees are only based on the number of proactive interactions you use.

What if I have a customer who comments on my tickets a lot? Will they make the cost skyrocket?

The number of interactions will be shown on your dashboard in the tribu app, where you can track your proactive and reactive interactions. You will also be notified at 50 %, 80 % and 100% of your usage according to your current plan.

Do you have a free trial including all features?

Yes, when you sign up with us, you are part of the tribe enrolled in a free 14-day trial with all features currently live within tribu

Can you charge me in my local currency?

No, currently, we only accept payment in United States Dollars (USD). We do accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country.

What type of support is available?

We are more than happy to go through any stage with you. You will have our support during your onboarding and adoption process. All tribu members have access to our knowledge base for support as well.