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Let’s start with Communication! It’s our Achilles heel in the IT Support industry. We want a juicy problem to solve. We want to conquer that technical hurdle. All this communicating and updates just get in the way, distracts us and we lose track of what we were doing. Motivation plummets, we get tired and turn our backs to the whole thing!
tribu is here to make the customer experiences with IT amazing and pleasant for BOTH sides – end users and the tech support professionals.
Our first release introduces Talos. A Microsoft Teams bot built to bridge the communication between end-user and support engineer.
Why Talos – in Greek mythology Talos was a giant automaton built to protect Europa, circling the shores to keep the people safe. For us, Talos is there to help at the front line and protect you from too many distractions and protect the trust of your end users that they will be looked after.

All things prompted by an end-user or by a business objective. Talos communities through proactive and reactive commands:

Proactive Interactions

Proactive Interactions are those that tribu presents in Talos from Autotask that your team need to know about or action as soon as possible. within each interaction, you can create quick action.

New Ticket Notification

For any new tickets arriving in your chosen queues that you want to be notified in Teams about. See the feature guide here.

New Ticket Idle

If a new ticket is idle for too long, we have specific notifications for that. See the feature guide here.

Customer Replied Notification

When a new note from an external party is added to a ticket you will receive a notification and possible actions. See the feature guide here.

Resolved Ticket QA

This utilises the Maximum Character in the Resolution field above to notify the tech and prompt them to amend it directly through Teams.See the feature guide here.

SLA Expiry

Whatever your SLA Preferences are, this will alert the assigned tech or the manager when any SLA expires. See the feature guide here.

Internal Note Added

The Internal Note Added interaction is designed to notify your tech’s when internal notes are added to a ticket. See the feature guide here.

Primary Resource Changed

Talos will post a notification card to the team in your designated Talos Channel in Microsoft Teams to state that there’s a ticket that’s been assigned to them and they can perform several actions directly from that message. See the feature guide here.

Reactive Interactions

Create actions directly into Autotask from Talos, saving time and increasing productivity.

For you daily actions, Talos has available every day commands to help you optimize your operations

New Ticket

Use the command !NewTicket followed by the start of the company name and Talos will respond with a familiar and easy to use card to fill out for a new ticket. Talos will confirm it’s done it and give you the new ticket number you can open directly. Details here.

New Time Entry

Use the command !TimeEntry and Talos will respond with an easy to use card to create the time entry for any ticket you’re a resource on. Details here.

Add Note

Use the command !AddNote and Talos will respond with an easy to use card to create a note for any ticket you’re a resource on. Details here.

Ticket List

Use the command !TicketList and Talos will give you a listing of all tickets you’re the primary resource on that are not complete*. Each displays with the title of the ticket and clickable link to take you directly to it. Details here.

Add attachement

Use the command !addattachment Talos allows you to add an attachment to your ticket directly from Microsoft Teams. Details here.

Talos helps give you better visibility and control over your team’s daily workload with Management settings commands

Set Manager

Use the command !Setmanager and Talos will allow a manager to be set to receive any SLA breach notification. This is to help you better manage your team and maintain great SLA performance.Details here.

Set away

Use the command !setaway When you have support staff away and Talos will redirect the customer communication to a selected engineer. Rather than re-assigning all tickets to other staff and then trying to re-assign back the next day Details here.

Remove away

Use the command !removeaway to remove stop redireting the communications. Details here.

If you have any feedback or feature requests you would like to see sooner rather than later, you can submit them here.

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