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Open ticket list command

You can get a full list of all your current open tickets using Talos with clickable links to each for quick access. It will display the tickets from oldest to newest.

  1. Start a new conversation directly with Talos, either by typing Talos in the search bar at the top of Teams or by continuing your direct chat with the bot if you have previously used Talos.
  1. Once you’ve started the conversation use the command:
  1. The list will show the Ticket Numbers which are clickable URLs that take you directly to the ticket in your default browser. Alongside this is the Ticket Title and current ticket status.

Note: If you make an error with company selection, you can simply ignore/discard the reply back from Talos with the New Ticket window and re-issue a new !newticket command to Talos. Use a more defined name to get the company name accurate if needed.

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