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TRIBU provides productivity improvements to IT Service providers with a convenient integration from Autotask PSA to Microsoft Teams. The system utilizes AI to further improve your efficiencies with suggested actions and automation features allowing your team to maximize their technical productivity and customer communication.

TRIBU utilizes a Microsoft Teams bot (named Talos) to allow you to interact with Autotask PSA tickets. The two key approaches are designed to improve responsiveness and productivity for the team. Reactive commands that allow you to make updates to tickets directly from Teams and Proactive actions with Talos notifying channels and team members directly of new items and changes to existing tickets.

 Command line through Teams to Autotask

Create new tickets
Display your open ticket list with clickable links to the ticket
Add notes directly to a ticket
Add time entries directly into your tickets

Get live ticket activity within your Teams Channel

Notifications of New tickets
Notification when ticket SLAs are getting close to breach or have breached
Notification when Customers reply to a ticket

Take action directly from Teams with Ticket Assignments and Status Updates.

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