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Create the Talos API User

You will need to create an API User account in your Autotask tenancy. API users do not count towards your Autotask bill so it is encourage to setup an individual API user per product integration you have – eg: 1 API user for all of Talos’s features

  1. Go to Admin -> Resources (Users) -> Click the New API User
  2. In the new tab that appears fill ou the following:
    • First Name: Talos
    • Last Name: API
    • Email Address: Talosapi@yourdomain
      NOTE: that this email doesn’t need to exist. No emails will be sent to it
    • Select the Security Level previously created with custom settings
    • Date and Time formats do not apply to the API.
    • Generate UserID and Key
      NOTE: These are not used, but are required to be generated for the account
    • Select the Integration Vendor TRIBU – MS Teams & Help Desk
      Talos API User

Save and Close and your Talos API user account is ready to integrate.

Next Steps

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