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Add Talos to Microsoft Teams

To start using Talos within your Microfost Teams, you can either download or upload it:

Install Talos from your Microsoft Teams app store

1.Go to apps on the left on Teams

2.Type and select Talos

3.Make sure your select the correct one. Click add button

It will appear on the left side of your teams.

4.Right-click the Talos icon, and select pin. Talos will be on your sight at any time.


Upload Talos to your Microsoft Teams

1. Go to Getting started page in your tribu account and click on Download, you will see a zip folder named Talos in your PC download files.

2. Go to apps on the left side on Teams and select Upload a custom app. Select the Talos folder you just have downloaded from your pc. After uploading, a Talos description will appear on your screen

3. Click on the add button, now Talos will appear on the left side of your teams. Finally, go to step 4 above to finish your installation.

Now, You are ready to setup your Microsoft Teams for Talos.

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