Case Study with top.media: ‘A vision of the future.’

Who are top.media?

top.media is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) located in Wiesbaden just outside Frankfurt in Germany. They look after small to medium-sized businesses, helping them with optimising their IT infrastructure. top.media understand the need and the benefits of efficient technology.

Offering an extensive range of IT services themselves, top.media can help businesses with cloud migrations, implementing Microsoft applications, internal operations both on-premise and in the cloud, and much more. However, top.media recognised their own internal processes could be better streamlined and optimised.

The Challenge faced by top.media:

top.media decided to migrate to Microsoft Teams as their communication tool of choice for their business. This is when top.media found tribu and the unique solution they offered to create a streamlined process.
tribu’s unique solution, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to anticipate your needs, enabled seamless integration between Microsoft Teams and Autotask PSA. This provided top. media with more time to focus on their customers and less time worrying about their internal operations.

How tribu solved top. media’s challenges

The unique tribu solution (Autotask PSA integration with Microsoft Teams) meant that all tickets and client information now populated top. media’s PSA.
The tribu solution has enabled top.media to streamline first-level support tickets, triage all information to the correct location, and, therefore, empowering the team to work productively and efficiently, all under one roof. tribu succeeded in fixing top. media’s problems but also went above and beyond to add more value to top.media.

According to top.media CTO Patrick Lenz, tribu helped in areas he didn’t know needed help, such as automation and agency management.

Ultimately, for everyone at top.media, the tribu solution made life simpler. The whole team can now fully concentrate and dedicate their time to customer tasks. Such as handling all tickets that come into Autotask and

assigning tasks, identifying unprocessed tickets, and getting to work straight on all priorities. Fundamentally, making top.media more proactive, effective, and profitable.

What does top.media have to say about working with tribu?

With the aid of tribu, all of top.media’s goals for their support team are now achievable. top.media are now going from strength to strength and supplying their customers with more efficiency than ever before.

Patrick Lenz quotes that tribu is an investment for the future who have a ‘vision of how a service desk should function – and can implement this vision with the help of technology.’

Why top.media Loves tribu​

Improved customer experience

It simplifies communication

Inexpensive to use

Increased efficiency

IT Support doesn’t have to be hard

The AI solution that fits with your existing
Helpdesk to make your job easier and the
customer experience amazing!