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World's First Microsoft Teams Integration

Automated Ticket System in Microsoft Teams


Tribu is the first intelligent ticketing solution that allows complete integration with your helpdesk ticketing system to Microsoft Teams. Allowing your support team to seamlessly & quickly resolve tickets using commands in one communication channel.

Bringing ticketing processes into Microsoft Teams

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Your PSA within Microsoft Teams

Tribu integrates your team communication channel with your PSA system. With Tribu, you process common PSA functions in your channel through reactive commands:

  • Create New Tickets
  • View Ticket Lists
  • Add notes and Attachments
  • View Upcoming Prioritized Tickets

Enhancing internal communication

Tribu will actively send notifications between users when new engineers or technicians have been assigned to a ticket. Notifications are also sent between users through Tribu when team members add internal notes to tickets. All can be redirected from the original resource to any assigned member whilst the main resource member is away.

Pro-active client notifications with Tribu

The most innovative feature of Tribu is its machine learning responses. This process begins with Tribu pro-actively sending emails between users every time your client sends an enquiry or reply. The user will review this response and use quick actions to converse with the client.

Stay on top of Ignored and Overdue Tickets

After a ticket has been idle for a period of time, the main resource will be notified on all channels. Once the ticket reaches an overdue state, automated notifications through Tribu are sent between engineers and managers to take crucial action.
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Allocating tickets in Microsoft Teams

Tribu will publish newly created tickets in your selected Microsoft Teams channel where managers can immediately assign them to themselves, or another supporting staff member. This ticket can be opened directly from Teams.