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Here is our roadmap on what's coming with tribu

Voice Activated Chatbot


Client Teams Integration


Text Message Service


 Automated Request for more info


Suggested Replies


Implements and confirms level 1 base tasks


Tech Chase Up : Slow Response (KPI's)

New Ticket :Categorisation


Outlook Integration


Ticket Tidiness :Resolution Suggested text to Engineer


Tech Assist: Suggested actions


Project Tasks: Showing live tasks

Rebuild Of Tribu (TribuApp, TalosBot)


Customer Feedback on Web Portal


Change Log

Demo Videos


  BOT Naming convention

Customer service module to help manage both the sales team and customer interaction


Operational opportunity to decrease resource costs within the IT department 

Reporting: User Sentiment is going Bad


New Ticket: Auto Assignment and Notification












Custom CRM 





Xero Integration :Posted Times to Xero Invoices


Intelligent Dispatcher/Skill Match or Calendar Entry


Reporting :Tech's activity and responsiveness


Tech Assist: Trending Issues notifications


List of tickets engineers have to work on for the day


Ticket Tidiness : Resolution Suitable for billing


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Build the future of helpdesk with us