Launch Accelerator Week

Pitching & Growth Mindset

By: Lucas Meadowcroft – CVO

I have been a part of the networking organisation BNI for 15 years. Getting your 60 second elevator pitch right is crucial, so preparing and creating a 3 minute pitch should be easy, right? Well no, there is actually a lot involved. To play in this game (pitching to investors weekly) requires you to learn from the experts who have been doing this for years. We are now playing on a whole new level.




Listening to the latest round of the Launch cohort (LA18) pitching. It comes so naturally to them. They tell us this is where we will be in 12 weeks from now – but I’m not sure if that’s true. 😂


We’ve covered:

– Selling your entire business story, now and into the future, within 3 minutes

– Streamlining the pitch to remove all ums, and removing all joining words that are unnecessary and time wasters such as like, and, or, but, there, etc

– Speaking so clearly that you can’t hear your lips smack, as the microphone picks up everything

– Expressing emotion (this one is super hard!).


Growth mindset:


The topic this week was marketing. How, where and when to spend your money on advertising to grow your business and gain customers. I call this topic growth mindset because to me this is a money conversation – talking internally to yourself and overcoming self-doubt and limiting beliefs. If you don’t know my story, I didn’t come from money and have never had a good relationship with money. To be honest, I have never cared about money, don’t care what I earn and don’t spend money on anything, so overcoming this over the next few months will be crucial.


So when the presenter spoke about how he spent $700,000 USD in 1 week on Facebook advertising, it just blew my mind. I have never spent money on anything until recently, when joining Launch I needed to upgrade our audio and visual equipment and spent $2,000 – and that felt weird! So spending $1,000 on advertising is a difficult topic for me yet playing in this new world, to scale to the levels required, spending $10,000 a month is just the starting point and if we aren’t doing at least this now then we should be rethinking what we are doing here all together.


To a massive 14 weeks of absolute learning, pushing boundaries and breaking through self-limiting beliefs! 👊


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