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Tribu Triage Classifier – Example – Newsletter

First Release

This capability has been under beta testing and is now available to all Tribu partners. This first release has limited customisations and is an introduction to machine-driven predictions for your helpdesk service. Because of this, we are seeking your feedback on ways to improve and implement it for day-to-day use. Feel free to provide feedback here.

Newsletter Predictions

For any ticket detected to be a newsletter only, this automation will simply close the ticket out to remove the ticket clutter and overhead from the helpdesk process. In this scenario, the Triage Classifier returns a result of

Issue: No Action
SubIssue: Newsletter

Workflow instructions

These instructions are specific to Autotask, but can be adapted for other Ticket System vendors. If you have existing rules to manage Newsletter type content you can update the existing rule instead of creating a new rule.

  1. Open Admin -> Automations -> Workflow Rules -> Workflow Rules
  2. Ensure the Service Desk tab is open and click the New button
  3. Enter a Workflow Rule Name for easy identification and a description allowing others to understand the purpose of this rule
  4. Set Events to Edited by: Autotask Resource
  5. Set Conditions to:
    • UDF: tribu.issuetype : Equal to : No Action
    • UDF: tribu.subissuetype : Equal to : Newsletter
  6. Set Updates to
    • Status = Complete
  7. Enable Actions: Create Ticket Note and add your preferred content for a note on the ticket
    • Publish To: Internal Only
    • Append to Resolution
    • Title: Newsletter Only
    • Description: Auto closed by Tribu as a newsletter only
  8. Save & Close


  • You can add other conditions to the workflow rule to only apply this to specific queues
  • If you have your own Issue and SubIssue types for Newsletters that you want to track for internal analytics, you can also update those ticket fields to match
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