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Scheduling a ticket

Talos allows you to schedule an Autotask Service Call with all proactive interactions. This will book a service call into your dispatch calendar for the selected time OR you can have Talos assign the next free time for you.

The Schedule button is available on all proactive notifications – New Ticket, Ticket Idle, SLA Overdue, and Customer Replied.


Set your work hours

So that Talos knows when you’re available for scheduling you will need to set your working hours. Use the following commands:

!Setworkinghours {starttime} {finishtime}

For example:

!Setworkinghours 8:00 17:00

This will set the users to start time to 8 am and finish time at 5 pm.

If you ever want to check what your work hours are set to, you can use:


Using the Scheduler

  1. When any proactive notification comes in from Talos there is a Schedule button available. For New ticket notifications, you must select the engineer to schedule from the drop-down and click Schedule. For all other proactive notifications, the assigned engineer will automatically be scheduled.
  2. Talos will respond with a card to fill out. There are two options to schedule – Manual or Automatic

Manual Schedule

  1. Select the specific date and time you want to schedule it in – for example, if the customer has asked for a set time.
  2. A new service call will be created for the ticket in the assigned resources dispatch calendar.

Automatic Schedule

  1. Review the ticket or reply content and assess how long you will need to address the request.
  2. Select from the ‘Schedule Automatically’ dropdown the estimated time required.
  3. Talos will automatically find the next available time in your dispatch calendar between your set working times.

Notes for Automated Scheduling

  • Talos will only look for free time over the next 2 working days – if you’re fully booked, you’ll need to manually schedule or reassign some of your workload items
  • Talos can only see your AT service calls in the dispatch calendar. If you have your Exchange calendar also synchronized, these items are not considered when scheduling

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