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Using Tribu reactive commands

Using Reactive Commands

Reactive Interactions

Create actions directly into Autotask from Tribu, saving time and increasing productivity.

For you daily actions, Tribu has available every day commands to help you optimize your operations

New Ticket

Use the command !NewTicket followed by the start of the company name and Tribu will respond with a familiar and easy to use card to fill out for a new ticket. Tribu will confirm it’s done it and give you the new ticket number you can open directly. Details here.

New Time Entry

Use the command !TimeEntry and Tribu will respond with an easy to use card to create the time entry for any ticket you’re a resource on. Details here.

Add Note

Use the command !AddNote and Tribu will respond with an easy to use card to create a note for any ticket you’re a resource on. Details here.

Ticket List

Use the command !TicketList and Tribu will give you a listing of all tickets you’re the primary resource on that are not complete*. Each displays with the title of the ticket and clickable link to take you directly to it. Details here.

Add attachement

Use the command !addattachment Tribu allows you to add an attachment to your ticket directly from Microsoft Teams. Details here.

Talos helps give you better visibility and control over your team’s daily workload with Management settings commands

Set Manager

Use the command !Setmanager and Tribu will allow a manager to be set to receive any SLA breach notification. This is to help you better manage your team and maintain great SLA performance. Details here.

Set the first responder

with the command !setfisrtresponder set who do you want to be notified when a new ticket comes in.

Remove the first responder

Remove the person set as first responders with the command !removefirstresponder to no longer be alerted on new tickets notification.

Set away

Use the command !setaway When you have support staff away and Tribu will redirect the customer communication to a selected engineer. Rather than re-assigning all tickets to other staff and then trying to re-assign back the next day Details here.

Get away

Check who has been set away and who is currently set to redirect notifications to with the command !getaway

Remove away

Use the command !removeaway to remove stop redirecting the communications. Details here.

If you have any feedback or feature requests you would like to see sooner rather than later, you can submit them here.

Set work hours

Sets the work hours using the command !Setworkhours.

Get work hours

Use the command !getworkhours to know which works hours do you have.


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