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Managing your Team with Talos

Talos helps give you better visibility and control over your team’s daily workload. There are several features that Talos can provide notifications and details to you as a Team Leader or Manager.

Managing Staff Away

When you have support staff away unexpectedly, they often have existing support tickets. For most MSPs someone needs to monitor and sometimes action items in their ticket queue. Talos focuses on communication in this scenario. Rather than re-assigning all tickets to other staff and then trying to re-assign back the next day, Talos allows you to redirect the customer communication to a selected engineer.

You can set a staff member as ‘away’ using the command !setaway followed by the away person email address; then the person to receive customer communication on their behalf

!setaway james@unlimitedit.support monica@unlimitedit.support

James is away and Monica will receive any Customer Replied notification with an @mention in her name

To remove this setting use the command !removeaway followed by the person who was away.

!removeaway james@unlimitedit.support

NOTE: You can change the receiver of customer replies at any time simply by re-entering the !setaway command with a different recipient

Maintaining your SLAs

For many MSPs, your ticket resolution time is a key part of your Support Level Agreement with customers. Talos has alerts for SLA’s being breached that notified the assigned ticket resource, but as the Manager or Team Leader, you will want to know when these events occur.

Talos allows a manager to be set to also receive any SLA breach notification. This is to help you better manage your team and maintain great SLA performance.

To set a staff member to be notified of any SLA breach use the command !setmanager followed by the email address of the staff member to be notified.

!setmanager monica@unlimitedit.support

To remove this setting and stop SLA notifications from being sent, use the same command but leave the email address blank.

Note: If you as the manager also have a ticket assigned to you that goes into SLA breach, you will see that you are @mentioned twice. This is normal behaviour for Talos and it does not affect the number of activities displayed.

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