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Create new ticket note command

Talos allows you to create a new Autotask ticket note directly from Teams.

  1. Start a new conversation directly with Talos, either by typing Talos in the search bar at the top of Teams or by continuing your direct chat with the bot if you have previously used Talos.
  2. Once you’ve started the conversation use the command:
  3. Fill out the familiar Note fields and click Create Note
  1. Talos will add the note to the ticket in Autotask
  2. Use the ‘Email from Autotask’ checkbox to send the message to ticket contact as well


  • If you make an error with the command selection, you can simply ignore/discard the reply back from Talos re-issue the correct command to Talos
  • Emailing from Autotask requires you to set up the Workflow rules to send with your desired Notification Template

Setup notes to email contacts via Talos

Emails that are sent to end-users from Talos use Autotask Notification Templates along with the note contents. It also requires the correct User Defined Fields to be established. You can review those steps and instructions here. For Notification Template suggestions you can review those instructions here.

Create the tribu email note Workflow

  1. Go to Admin -> Workflow Rules
  2. Select the Service Desk tab then the New button
  3. Fill out the following fields
    • Workflow Rule Name: TRIBU – Email Note
    • Description: Write details in here for easy reference to the Workflow purpose
    • Events – Note Added by Autotask Resource
    • Conditions: UDF: TRIBU Email Equal to “Email”
    • Updates: UDF: TRIBU Email = “”
  4. Select the Notification tab at the top
  5. Under Recipients, tick on the “Ticket Contact” option
    NOTE: You can ticket on any other

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