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Create new ticket command

Create a New Ticket

Talos allows you to create a new Autotask ticket directly from Teams.

  1. Start a new conversation directly with Talos, either by typing Talos in the search bar at the top of Teams or by continuing your direct chat with the bot if you have previously used Talos.
  2. Once you’ve started the conversation use the command:
    !NewTicket CompanyName

    Note: You don’t have to type the full company name. Instead, you can just type the first few letters and Talos will search for the first match in alphabetical order.

  1. Fill out the familiar Ticket fields with the details you’ve received from the end-user and click the Create Ticket.
    Note: After clicking ‘Create Ticket’ the fields will return to blank. This is normal.
  2. Talos will create the ticket in Autotask and respond back with the new ticket number
  3. You will then be asked to select the Issue and Sub Issue type for the ticket. Each is listed as a combination for quick selection

In order to avoid repetitive tickets, Talos will show you all the current tickets for that company so you will have a chance to review them before creating a new one


  • If you make an error with company selection, you can simply ignore/discard the reply back from Talos with the New Ticket window and re-issue a new !newticket command to Talos.
  • If there are multiple matches to the text you have entered for the company name you will be prompted to select from a list.

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