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Triage Classifier setup for Autotask

First Release

This capability has been under beta testing and is now available to all Tribu partners. This first release has limited customisations and is an introduction to machine-driven predictions for your helpdesk service. Because of this, we are seeking your feedback on ways to improve and implement it for day-to-day use. Feel free to provide feedback here.

Enable Predictions

1. The first step is to enable this feature within the Tribu preferences. You can do so here or browse to Preferences from the Welcome page.Tribu Preferences

2. For those using the Tribu Microsoft Teams integration, turn on the Enable AI Predictions. This will enable the predications to appear in your New Ticket notifications with the Talos bot in Teams.

3. Change the dropdown selection for “Update Issue and Sub Issue Types” to: Update Custom Fields


Create Custom Fields

1. Log into your Autotask instance

2. Go to Menu -> Admin -> Features & Settings -> Application Wide Features -> User-Defined Fields


3. Then select Tickets tab from the top and Click New

AT UDF Tickets

4. Name: tribu.issuetype
Description: This can be any label you like
Sort Order: 1 (it doesn’t really matter)
Field Type: Text Single Line
Active: True
Then Save and Close

5. Do the same again for SubIssue
Name: tribu.subissuetype

Then Save and Close

Workflow Update

You can now use these fields in any of your workflows to trigger any automation based on the prediction from Tribu.

1. Within Autotask, go to Menu -> Admin -> Automations -> Workflow Rules -> Workflow Rules
AT Workflow Rules Menu

2. Then create (or edit) a new Workflow Rule that uses the conditions of UDF’s from Tribu.

You can obtain the list of all possible labels here

Some example automations from these predictions can be found here

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