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Managing your New Ticket notifications

To manage your New Ticket notifications easier and quicker, Talos will notify selected team members when these arrive in the channel for action. For tribu, we refer to these team members as First Responders as they take the first action on the ticket.

Managing First Responders

You can add and remove First Responders who will receive notifications of New Ticket notifications coming into the channel with the following commands

Add a first responder by using the command

!setfirstresponder james@unlimitedit.support

You can set multiple first responders in a single command by entering multiple email addresses separated by a space

To remove a first responder from receiving notifications

!removefirstresponder james@unlimitedit.support

To View the first responders you have set you can simply run the set command without any email addresses specified


NOTE: Currently these commands can be run by any staff member to make changes

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