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Tribu Customer Interface

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Version 1.0

Tribu will enhance communication with your customers and help you to provide improved customer service. Through the customer-facing version of Tribu, your clients will be able to create tickets easily, add notes for your engineers and do follow-ups on their tickets, all via Microsoft Teams.

The first release of the Tribu support bot has the following capabilities:

✓ Create ticket
✓ Add note
✓ Follow up

This expands your capability as an MSP to offer new channels of support to your customers and helps differentiate yourself as an innovative technology company.

For your clients to start using this Tribu feature’s capabilities, you should:

✓ Install Tribu into their Microsoft Teams environment
✓ Confirm the customer tenant channel
✓ Make sure your customers are aware that Talos allows them to communicate easily and quickly with you

Install Tribu into customer’s Microsoft Teams environment

If you want to install Tribu on all users in your customer’s organization, you can follow these steps:

1. Login into the Microsoft team admin center of your customer’s organization, go to Teams apps > Manage apps. You must be a global admin or Teams service admin to access the page.

2. Select Upload to upload the Tribu app package. It must be in a zip file format. You can find it in your tribu account on your Getting Started page by clicking on the download button. The talos.zip file will be downloaded into your pc

After downloading the file, click on Select a file to complete the upload process.

3. To complete the installation process into your customers Microsoft teams, you need to set up the app setup policies in the left navigation of the Microsoft Teams admin center, go to Teams appsSetup policies and select the global (Org-wide default) policy.

4. You will see two sections Installed apps and Pinned apps

Installed apps: Click on Add apps and select Talos. It will be automatically installed for customers when they start Teams.

Pinned apps: Click on add apps and select Talos. It will be pinned into the team’s app pane for your customers. Arrange the order that you want Talos to appear in your customer’s Teams and click the Save button.

In case you want to Manually install Tribu in each user Teams of your customer’s organization, follow this instruction:

1. Go to the Apps section in one of your customer’s Microsoft Teams, and search for Talos.

2. Then select the Tribu application and click on it. You will see Talos details, and the button add

3. After you click add, Tribu will be installed into the customer’s teams

4. To add Tribu to the left sidebar, right-click and select pin. Now Talos will be easy to spot for customers.

Confirm the customer tenant channel

Once Tribu has been installed in your customer’s tenant, you will need to !initialise it in their environment. This action is what associates it with your Autotask helpdesk and tribu account.

You will need to run the following command from ANY users Teams account in that tenant. This can be one of the end-users or an administrator account that has Teams access.

!initialisecustomer your_tribu_id


!initialisecustomer deff8005-aaaa-bbbb-cccc-xxxxxxxxxx

 Note: Tribu need only be initialised by ONE user in the tenancy; once it is done, the tenancy will be registered so that all users will have access to Talos from that point forward.

As a security step, once the !Initialise Customer command has been run; you need to verify the tenancy for that company in the tribu portal. You can do it by going into your tribu app > Talos >preferences and click on Initialise.

The client tenant registrations list will be displayed, so you need to select and confirm them.

Tribu support bot Capabilities

Make sure your customers are aware of the current customer-facing capabilities and know-how to use them. Following are some instructions on how to create ticket, add note and follow up can be implemented by customers.

Create ticket

Customers will be able to create tickets through Talos at any time. By using simple sentences such as

I need help
Can someone help with my printer

Tribu will bring a card that will capture the customer details and their issue.

The ticket created will be added as a new ticket into your queue.

In this initial release, details from the customer’s request are only captured in the New Ticket dialogue box and NOT from the message they sent to Tribu to start the interaction.

Sentences with long, specific details should not be sent to Talos as the first step as they will need to retype them again, leading to some frustrations. EG:

My computer is not able to connect to Wi-Fi. I’ve tried the password details I have and tried WiFi1, WiFi2 but both fail

Instead, it should be encouraged to “ask for help” as the first step and let Tribu prompt for details.

Add note

Suppose customers want to add any extra information or update their request after executing any step. In that case, they can just use short statements such as:

I need to update information
I have an update

and Tribu will show a card to add any notes. They will update the ticket, so the engineer assigned to that ticket will be notified of the customer replies.

Notes to be added are NOT captured in the first comment to Tribu. They are only captured when typed by the end-user into the card.

Follow up

Follow up will help reduce the number of calls and emails from a customer wanting to know information regarding their request. After customers type short sentences such as:

I need an update
what happened with my request?

Tribu will allow them to select the ticket they want to know information about. The response back will show the last public message on the ticket. In case they want further details, customers can click on follow up button to request more information regarding their issue.  

The follow-up request will be shown as an added note in your Autotask. If you have Customer Replies proactive interactions coming through to your tech team, Talos will mention the engineer assigned to that ticket so they can action the ticket and contact the customer.


Guide template for your customers

You can use this guide to introduce Talos to your Customers; please download and customize it according to your business guidelines.

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