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Card templates

Customize your proactive Talos notifications with the information that is most relevant to your team. You can personalize the card fields of any of the seven  Proactive Talos interactions. So make sure you have properly set up the workflows to get the proactive notification into your Talos channel.

1.Login to your tribu preferences and go to customer proactive card templates
2. Click the New button to create a new card template. Customize the fields according to your preferred variables

3. Populate the field with the information you want to see each time in the selected Proactive Talos notification by typing the content and
click the variable on the right once to insert it wherever the cursor is currently located.

Name: a name to identify your card template

Trigger: which proactive notification you will assign this card template. i.e new ticket or internal noted added.

The content of the fields that will appear in your Talos channel. See an example for Internal Note trigger below

    • Title
    • Subtitle
    • Body
    • Quick actions (Each card can have up to six assigned)
    • General actions

4. Once you populate the fields check enabled and click save.

If you haven’t set up your quick actions please follow the instructions here. You can create up to 15 quick actions to be used across all your card templates.

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