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Onboarding Talos

Talos is the first of many intelligent integrations from tribu. Talos is a Bot that you and your team interact with inside Microsoft Teams. It will allow you to issue commands that will take action on the various tickets in your system in a very intuitive way, as well as providing you with proactive updates and notifications about the tickets in your system.

Test and confirm connectivity

1. Sign in to the TRIBU portal
2. Click on the Talos menu then select Preferences from the dropdown
3. You will be greeted with a welcome message that displays your customer code. It’s important that you save this unique code for later use. We recommend saving it in your preferred password manager for safekeeping. Click Next when ready.

4. Enter your Autotask API user credentials. It is recommended that you create an individual TRIBU API User in your Autotask for this. Instructions for this can be found here.
5. Test and confirm connectivity is successful.

Next Steps

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