HaloPSA Integration & AI Classifier is now LIVE!

Welcome to tribu

Test and confirm Halo connectivity

By this step, you should already have your Tribu portal open and logged in and your API application account created. If not, you can register here.

Test and confirm HaloPSA connectivity

1. Go to the Onboarding page on the Tribu portal
2. Click the Setup button next to Test and confirm connectivity

3. Select Halo from the PSA dropdown:

4. Enter your HaloPSA API Application details from the previous step:

  • You can get all the additional details from the HaloPSA API screen. Navigate to Configuration > Integrations > HaloPSA API
  • If you have a self hosted instance, you can leave the Tenant ID blank

5. Click Test and confirm connectivity is successful.

6.Click Submit to complete the step.

Next Steps

Now the fun starts:

Start the AI classifier setup

Start the Teams integration setup

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