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Welcome to tribu

Create the Tribu HaloAPI Application

You will need to create an API Application in HaloPSA. Tribu uses the Client ID and Secret authentication method. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Configuration > Integrations > HaloPSA API and click the View Applications button
  2. Click the plus New button in the top right
  3. Fill out the Application Name as: Tribu
  4. Set the Authentication Method as: Client ID and Secret
  5. Set the Agent to log in as to any of your staff (usually the Service Desk Manager, or similar)
    What’s this? This is a required setting for this API type. This needs to be an agent that has appropriate permissions across Halo to perform all the actions required.
  6. Save the ClientID and Client Secret somewhere safe as you will need this for the Tribu portal
  7. Click the Permissions tab and select the all tick box at the top
    What’s this? Tribu accesses multiple areas of the system to get a full picture of your tickets. This is primarily for our Teams integration, but is also useful to the AI elements we’ve developed. Things like a Contract for SLA milestones, Contacts are used to display phone numbers (Teams integration), etc.

  8. Scroll to the bottom and click Save


Next Steps

Go to test and confirm connectivity

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