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Talos Security Level

For many of the features of Talos to work effectively, we need to add specific impersonation features to an API security layer. Talos will ‘impersonate’ the Teams user for note entries and time entries so that the data entry is directly attributed to the user who enters it in Teams. The default API Security Level does not have impersonation enabled and is READ ONLY, so we’ll need to make a duplicate of it.

  1. Start by Going to Admin -> Features & Settings -> Resources\Users -> Security Levels
  2. Right click the API User (System) security entry and click Copy Security Level
  3. Rename the Security Level to Talos API User
  4. Scroll to the very bottom and expand Web Services
    Tick on EVERY tick box available for all categories. Note: Currently, Talos is only working with Service Desk tickets but we have plans in the roadmap to integrate with the other areas of  Autotask to complement the service desk capabilities.
    TRIBU API Permissions
  5. Save & Close the window.

With that done for the API account, we now need to allow your AutoTask users to BE impersonated. You do NOT need to do the following steps for ALL security levels, only the security levels of your service desk staff that will be using Talos.

While in the Security Levels section

  1. Right Click the Security Level that has one or more of your service desk team members
  2. Go down to the Web API Services section and tick on Allow impersonation of resources with this security level

You will need to repeat this process for any other security level that contains your service desk resources.

Next Steps

Go to Create the Talos API User

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