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Create the tribu User Defined Fields

Talos will receive data and events from Autotask based on the Workflows you create within Autotask. To allow for better control and accurate handling, TRIBU utilises User Defined Fields within the tickets. These fields do not need to be visible to AT Resources or end-users and are managed in the background with Workflows only.

  1. Go to Admin -> Features & Settings -> Application Wide (Shared) Features -> User-Defined Fields
  2. Select the Tickets tab at the top then the New button
  3. Fill out the fields as follows:
    • Name: TRIBU
    • Description: This field is used to tell TRIBU what action is required on the ticket
      NOTE: You can describe this however you like.
    • Field Type: Text (Single Line)
  4. Save and New to create the next UDF
  5. Fill out the second UDF with:
    • Name: TRIBU Email
    • Description: This field is used to tell TRIBU that the last note entered should be emailed to the end-user
    • Field Type: Text (Single Line)
    • Save and Close to complete the process

Next Steps

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