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Create the Talos extension callout

Talos will receive data and events from Autotask using the Autotask Extension Callout feature. Your Autotask Workflows will use this Callout to trigger Talos into action.

  1. Go to Admin -> Extensions and Integrations -> Other Extensions & Tools -> Extension Callouts (Tickets)
  2. Click New Extension Callout
  3. Fill out the fields as follows:
    • Name: TRIBU Callouts
    • URL: https://app.tribu.ai/api/ATCallouts/
    • Username/Password: blank
    • Ticket User-Defined Field: Select TRIBU
    • HTTP Transport Method: POST
    • Data Format: XML-RPC
    • Method Name: blank

Save and Close the Extension Callout window and you’ve completed this step.

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