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Welcome to tribu

Change the Channel!

Need to change where Tribu is sending the ticket notifications? Here’s how!


Before starting, make sure you have the Channel created so you don’t have to restart the process. We recommend creating a new channel within the desired IT support Team group. Our common example is to create a channel called Tribu.

Change Tribu bot Channel

  1. Open Microsoft Teams -> Apps -> Find and click on Tribu

  2. Select the Add to a Team button


  3. Select the desired Teams channel – this will be the channel that Tribu sends the Ticket notifications in to.

  4. Click Set Up to proceed

  5. You will be prompted to Login to the Tribu app. Use the same login used to download the Teams Bot app from step 1.
    Note: Depending on browser and security settings, the Login prompt may be blocked as a ‘Pop-up’ window. If you are not prompted with a Username/Password window, check for any messages referring to ‘Allow Popups’.

  6. After completing the login, click the Save button to complete the process


Channel Changed! Nothing more to do

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