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You will need to know your Autotask Registered Domain. This is the domain used when signing up for Autotask. You can verify this under your Incoming Email Processing settings. Any of the incoming rules will show the registered domain.

Registering a new account

To get started with tribu, go to the Sign up Now page

1. Enter your name and email.
2. The Autotask Registered Domain is the domain you used when originally signing up to Autotask. See Prerequisites for this.
3. Set a strong password to use for this account
4. Click the Register button to proceed

5. You will be sent an email confirmation to verify your email address is correct. You will need to verify before continuing.
If you receive an error message of “Invalid login attempt”, it means you still need to verify your email address.

6. Log in and Enter your payment details and click Subscribe!

Next Steps

Go to Onboarding Talos

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