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Ticket resolved processing

Ticket resolved processing

Talos is being set up to ensure a level of consistency and accuracy when tickets are being completed. Each IT Support provider is different in its procedures, but sending a resolved ticket to Talos will allow multiple things. For now, the primary use of this is to confirm that the Ticket Resolution field has appropriate details in it. For example, it can’t be blank and can’t exceed your Maximum Resolution Characters setting.

Create the workflow rule for resolved ticket

Whenever a new ticket has been idle for too long, Talos will notify your selected Teams channel again about the inactive ticket.

  1. Login to Autotask and go to Admin -> Workflow Rules.
  2. Ensure you are on the Service Desk tab and click the New button
  3. Give the Workflow a recognisable name. We recommend that any workflow that is interacting with a TRIBU product starts with TRIBU.
  4. Fill out the description with something meaningful for quick reference.
  5. Tick on the ‘Edit by’ option and set it to “Anyone.”
  6. Scroll down to Conditions and set the first condition to ‘Status’ -> equal to -> your company resolved status
  7. In the example below, we exclude the Monitoring Alert’s Queue for resolution analysis.
  8. Then down to Updates and set “UDF: TRIBU” to “Resolved.”
    UDF Setup instructions here
  9. Then go to Actions and set the ‘Then Execute Extension Callout’ and set it to your “tribu Callouts” callout.
    Callout setup instructions are here
  10. You can add in any other conditions and actions to take that follow your standard business procedures. However, there can only be one Extension Callout that must be set to go to Talos.


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