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World's First Microsoft Teams Integration

ITECH Solutions’ Service Delivery Manager could navigate all the tickets to the right technician rapidly, improving his efficiency by 50%.

Brian and his team of technicians noticed they had been wasting their valuable time on either: waiting for an email notification from Autotask to raise a ticket, which itself could be faulty, or having to log into Autotask to find the ticket and the notes attached. This was seen as a historic and archaic way of doing things.

Who are ITECH Solutions?


ITECH Solutions is an established MSP located in California, which has provided IT support to other organisations for over 15 years. CEO of ITECH Solutions Brian J. Weiss has a keen eye for knowing what his business will need to develop in the future, which means what tools and solutions will enable them to grow.

The challenge


Brian J. Weiss decided to approach tribu as he recognised that Microsoft Teams was growing into an integral and central part of a business for file sharing, working, and communication.
The problem ITECH Solutions were keen to resolve was the monotonous process of receiving and managing tickets in their PSA. ITECH Solutions found this a time-consuming and tedious task, to rely on emails to notify the team when a ticket had been raised in Autotask; therefore, integrating Teams with Autotask was the way forward.

The solution


Implementing the tribu solution, a smart and unique integration between your PSA (Autotask in this case) and Microsoft Teams. ITECH Solutions could now receive all their tickets instantly and directly into Microsoft Teams, with notes attached. This meant that their Service Delivery Manager could navigate all the tickets to the right technician rapidly, improving his efficiency by 50%.
This, in turn, meant response time to clients was far quicker, increasing SLA statistics significantly and, therefore, happier clients, increasing customer retention.

What were the results?


The PSA and Teams integration provided by tribu gave ITECH Solutions access to complete those tasks much more efficiently. Eliminating the noise and stopped the team from relying on email for those all-important notifications.
Brian and the whole team at ITECH would recommend tribu to any MSP looking to vastly increase their efficiency and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing digital world. They cannot imagine not working with tribu anymore; they feel as though it would a huge step back. With tribu, ITECH Solutions became more ‘efficient and grew, enabling the ability to scale.’

Why ITECH Solutions loves tribu

Enabling the ability to scale

Eliminate the noise

Improving efficiency

Increasing customer retention.

Eliminate the noise and stop the team relying on email for those all-important notifications