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How Hilgert configuration increases its performance with tribu by 20%

The “best and most lucrative purchase” in recent years In general, Thomas Hilgert no longer wants to do without tribu, because the tool offers him exactly the simple solution he has always been looking for.​

The Client


Hilgert configuration is a classic managed service provider from Bochum with 11 employees and over 20 years of market experience. The company has always focused on first and second level support – although the trend in recent years has tended towards the latter.
Most customers of Hilgert configuration, who meanwhile, no longer offer any hardware themselves, are companies with 5 to 200 employees who have their own IT in-house, but occasionally encounter problems for which they cannot find a solution themselves.

These are rarely real break fixes, in most cases major damage or downtime is prevented by an agent on the customer server. Anything else, according to Thomas Hilgert, would be “far too cumbersome for support”.
Incidentally, for smaller companies without their own CTO, Hilgert configuration offers a very special service: the Virtual CTO service, in which Hilgert configuration works with the customer’s managing directors to advance the entire planning and development of the IT.

The challenge


As an IT service provider, Thomas Hilgert is always looking for tools that simplify communication within the team and with customers.
At Hilgert configuration, support is billed according to fixed prices – it makes sense to minimize additional communication effort in order to be able to focus on completing the tasks that arise. And, according to Thomas Hilgert: “If I can do more with fewer people, that’s always better than doing less with more people.”
That is why the previous process of managing tickets had long been a thorn in the side of the managing director – because it mainly consisted of copy & paste and redundant processes.

tribu‘s solution

tribu – the innovative integration solution for Autotask PSA and Microsoft Teams – offers Thomas Hilgert exactly the simple solution that he has always strived for customer communication. The exchange with the customer takes place via chat or telephone. There are only a few commands in chat that bring both the customer and the service provider to their destination quickly and easily.
“There are no more than 8 commands in chat.
And that’s great, I probably wouldn’t need more than 3”, says Thomas Hilgert.

A formulated task is created by the team as a ticket – and then appears immediately in Microsoft Teams including a mention of the responsible employee and a notification. From this point on, the technician will always receive a notification when the customer answers in the chat.
By integrating with Autotask PSA and Microsoft Teams, tribu essentially simplifies the way in which Hilgert configurations opens tickets, records the time for them and closes the tickets again. And by the way, all chat histories are saved with all the important information that would otherwise be lost or would have to be created twice.

Enormous performance increase thanks to tribu

Thanks to tribu, Thomas Hilgert now saves at least 20 hours a month when communicating with 11 employees. If you consider the hourly rate of more than €100 per hour, this results in enormous monthly cost savings for the IT service provider.

This margin could be further increased with further customers, but that is not Thomas Hilgert’s goal at all: “We are currently at 98% capacity utilization and are not accepting any further customers. We only replace a customer with a new one if a customer disappears.”

Thomas Hilgert has already put the performance increase in his team at 20% thanks to the tribu solution, because nothing has to be duplicated in communication, but is automatically integrated into the Autotask PSA by Microsoft teams.

The chat history, which can be seen in every ticket, also helps, because the Hilgert configuration team can also analyse older problems at the customer if the worst comes to the worst, and thus come up with solutions for upcoming challenges more quickly.

Why Hilgert Loves tribu​

The tool is easy to use

It simplifies communication

The margins increase

The training is quick and effective, and therefore practically no effort

See how tribu can boost your MSP