TRIBU is an AI helpdesk solution ensuring your offering the very best of customer service,24/7

Our Vision
To push the boundaries on tech & innovation, so that the IT helpdesks and the businesses they support can lead a stress free, enjoyable and profitable future.

Our Mission
To inspire, lead & enable helpdesks across the globe to discover their true potential that will enable them to deliver amazing customer service

Our Story

We recognised a need in the IT Support industry, we were part of it after all and with 15 years each running IT support services, we knew there was always a struggle to maintain amazing customer service AND technical interest for staff taking this career path.  So we thought, let’s take that pain away for other IT Support providers and allow them to focus on what they love – solutions and problem solving.

TRIBU is 3 years in the making, read more here on our story

We are 100% dedicated to having positive impact . Our core values keep us on track.

Lead Innovation

Display Leadership

Personal Accountability

Create WOW!

Outcomes Focused

Be Your Best Self

Our Team

Meet the people who help innovate & support your business.

We have our eccentric entrepreneurs, our head honchos, our thoughtful/reserved types and last but not least our silent-but-deadly achievers.
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