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Simplify Ticket Classification with Smart AI Automation

Deploy machine learning for smart ticket triage, skyrocket help desk performance, and offload the mundane work from your techs.

Welcome to Tribu, the AI-powered solution built specifically for Service Delivery

Your Data, Your Model – What sets Tribu apart is the power it puts in your hands – the power to create a model that reflects your business, your data, and your unique needs. It’s not just about using AI, it’s about creating an AI system that works for you. Every business is unique, and with Tribu, your AI solution will be too.

Adopt AI Without Changing Your Process  – With Tribu, there’s no need to overhaul your existing processes to reap the benefits of AI. Our platform seamlessly integrates into your current operations, enhancing your existing front-of-house processes rather than replacing them. It’s about maximizing what you already do well and taking it to the next level.

Easy Adoption, Simplified Results – The adoption of AI in your business doesn’t have to be complex. Tribu is designed to simplify the process. Our platform takes care of the complexities of AI, leaving you with straightforward, actionable insights.

AI That Works For You – Tribu is the tool that empowers you to make your data work harder and smarter for you. Don’t just participate in the AI revolution, lead it with your own custom-built AI models.


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Your Data, Your Model, Your Process, Your Way...

Here's why Service Delivery providers
choose Tribu

Zero learning curve

Getting started is easy! No need to train your techs for long hours. It’s basically plug and play! Practically no effort.


Simplifies communication between techs, tickets and customer. All interactions and information in 1 tool.

Increased Producitivity

Work smarter not harder with a centralized application, tickets get resolved in a timely manner improving firs response SLA’s

Integrated Solutions

Seamlessly integrating Microsoft Teams with your Help Desk Software, and optimizing your workflow through one channel.

Scalable Pricing

No more locked-in prices, your month to month payments will scale depending on how many users you have.

Community Development

Join a tribe of like-minded people, where all are working together to improve the industry for Managed Service Providers.

Here's what Partners are saying about Tribu

Tribu has been the “best and most lucrative purchase” in recent years for Hilgert De. In general, I no longer want to do without Tribu, because its tools offer me exactly the simple solution I have always been looking for.​
Thomas Hilgert
CEO - Hilgert DE

"We are saving 116 hours of actions (roughly 3.1 work weeks) per month with the AI Classifier"

Matt Shone – ASI Solutions