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World's First Microsoft Teams Integration

The world's first Microsoft Teams integration

Bringing all help desk functions like updating tickets, adding time entries and interacting with customers directly into a user friendly interface – it’s never been easier!

Triage like a boss!

We are bringing automation like never before to your IT Helpdesk. Hit your SLA’s every time, every day!

Created to improve a technician’s productivity​

How does it work?

Ticket Management – Manage all your ticket interaction, activities and records in Microsoft Teams. No more switching between 1 window to the other.

Customer Management – Respond to customers directly within Microsoft Teams, no need to pick up that phone to follow up.

WhatsNext Bot – is life-changing, we no longer have to micromanage our techs, it tells them what to work on next, stops them cherry picking tickets and removes their overwhelm.

Classify Tickets – through AI, lessens the risk of human-error in triaging tickets, incoming tickets get classified with it’s related Board | Issue, Item, Type, Sub-Type | Sub-Issue.

Take advantage of our AI-driven automation now.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

"Follow our journey towards achieving full helpdesk automation"​

Here's why MSPs choose Tribu

Zero learning curve

Getting started is easy! No need to train your techs for long hours. It’s basically plug and play! Practically no effort.


Simplifies communication between techs, tickets and customer. All interactions and information in 1 tool.

Increased Producitivity

Work smarter not harder with a centralized application, tickets get resolved in a timely manner improving firs response SLA’s

Integrated Solutions

Seamlessly integrating Microsoft Teams with your Help Desk Software, and optimizing your workflow through one channel.

Scalable Pricing

No more locked-in prices, your month to month payments will scale depending on how many users you have.

Community Development

No more locked-in prices, your month to month payments will scale depending on how many users you have.

Here's what Partners are saying about Tribu

Tribu has been the “best and most lucrative purchase” in recent years for Hilgert De. In general, I no longer want to do without Tribu, because its tools offer me exactly the simple solution I have always been looking for.​
Thomas Hilgert
CEO - Hilgert DE

"Save 30 hours of non-billable work with Tribu ticketing management"​