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World's First Microsoft Teams Integration

A tool to integrate PSA functions
into Microsoft Teams

Tribu has developed a centralized helpdesk tool with minimal context switching in Microsoft Teams to boost your ticket management efficiency.

Creating real
Artificial Intelligence for Helpdesks

Tribu is a company dedicated to developing machine learning tools for helpdesks to optimize their productivity.

Leading the IT industry with machine learning research

✔ Collaborative research teams across universities in Australia

✔ Active membership within Artificial Intelligence groups across Brisbane

✔ Dedication towards discovering new algorithms to achieve full helpdesk automation

✔ Rigorous Machine Learning training with Natural Language Processing
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Creating a full machine learning helpdesk service

Gain the competitive advantage through harnessing the full power of machine learning in your Managed Service Provider. With Tribu, you will experience greater levels of efficiency within processes such as:
  • Automated Ticket Triages
  • Predictive Customer Response
  • Automated Ticket Classifications

"Follow our journey towards achieving full helpdesk automation"

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Simplifying helpdesk ticketing systems with automation

Tribu enhances workflows by simplifying, predicting and resolving ticket interactions for support technicians. Using Reactive Commands, technicians will be able to save time managing simple requests and have more control over their workflow.
Interact with ticket requests through Microsoft Teams Develop response predictions for ticket automation Use interactive cards for quick ticket resolutions

Streamlining ticket management on one channel

Increase the amount of billable time within your business by streamlining all resource management into one platform. Tribu will bring the management of resources, projects and tasks all into your Microsoft Teams environment.
  • Minimize service level agreement breaches
  • Purposefully allocate and assign tickets
  • Centralizing projects into one interface
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"Save 30 hours of non-billable work with Tribu ticketing management"

Improving customer service interactions

Increase your capability as a Managed Service Provider by giving your customers the tool to communicate with your technicians effectively. Using natural language processing, Talos can turn common customer prompts into intuitive commands in Microsoft Teams.
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"Increasing ITECH Solutions efficiency by 50%"

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ITech Solutions

ITech Solutions were able to increase efficiency by 50% through Tribu’s ability to reduce context switching and improve ticket navigation.