IT Support doesn’t have to be hard

solve your IT support request from one powerful AI platform

Support simplified
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Machine Learning & AI
Easy setup and integration
Not replacing your current IT helpdesk PSA 
24/7 operations,Let the platform work while you sleep

Advanced platform that automates  Level 1 IT support issues using AI-powered interface.

Unlike any traditional IT Support , TRIBU is solving level 1 IT Support issues using Artificial Intelligence by eliminating the need for your engineers to work on Level 1 IT Support issues within your helpdesk or MSP. No more resetting a user’s passwords, cleaning up computers, removing virus’ or setting up a new staff member for the first time. This results in fewer staff turnover, quicker support for your customer as well as communicating with your customer so your engineers don’t have to. TRIBU also plugs in directly with your existing IT Helpdesk platform, simple right!

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Get access to an exclusive community  all wanting to push the boundaries, using tech!

What’s truly priceless about The TRIBU Membership? It’s the people inside. 

They aren’t just exceptional business owners, they’re exceptional people driven by passion and through tech want to change the world, one customer at a time.

Your results in life are a direct reflection of the company that you keep and within the TRIBU Membership, you’ll be surrounded by the world’s best and brightest, and when ‘one of us’ wins, we all celebrate together.

Life doesn’t have to be all work and no play

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As an IT helpdesk leader, what are the two most common problems with IT Support?

Level 1 engineers don’t want to be level 1 engineers for their entire career,high staff turnover.
Level 1 engineers don’t like to communicate with customers

TRIBU is solving these two most common problems!

Stop losing clients to bad customer service, Improve your customer service without over resourcing

Win over more customers with less effort & Give the customer service to your clients they deserve

Always wanted to have a 24/7 IT helpdesk? Well now you can! Let the Bot do the work while you sleep

Automating receipt of requests, responses to clients, informing staff in real time, fixing level 1 IT issues, is just the beginning.